Senior DevOps Engineer

Salary Range: RM8,000 – RM16,000

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How does this career will benefit you?

  • Fast paced and growing environment.
  • Extremely skilled team that strive for perfection.
  • Outstanding career growth & development opportunities.
  • Provide continuous learning to you by staying ahead with the latest technologies.
  • Competitive salary & work benefit package (eg, subsidy for housing loan, car loan, bonus, dental & optical and many more!)

Job Descriptions:

  • Build, administer, monitor and manage colocation servers, and cloud servers.
  • Manage CI/CD pipeline.
  • Implement automation for testing, deployment and configuration.
  • Manage and maintain monitoring stack.
  • Penetration testing and vulnerability assessment on all existing systems and new ones.
  • Maintain and update documentation.
  • Lead team of junior operations engineer.


  • Working knowledge in Linux or Unix (at least 5 years of experience especially on RedHat/ Fedora/ Centos/ Debian/ Ubuntu/ FreeBSD).
  • Strong fundamentals of networking, and experience with network switches, routers and bare metal servers (especially PowerEdge series) is a bonus.
  • Understand Git, SVN and some experience with Github, CodeCommit and Gitlab.
  • Comfortable with Bash, Python, or Golang for scripting.
  • Good to have experience with Apache & Nginx.
  • Have experience with Bash, Python, Golang for scripting, PHP, Ruby and NodeJs deployment.
  • Knowledge of a deployment on an infrastructure involving load balancers, firewalls, web servers, application servers, databases, routers/switches.
  • Experience with CloudWatch and Zabbix.
  • Some experience with containerization and container orchestration.
  • Good analytical skills to debug production and deployment issue.
    • Preferably with 2 years working experience with AWS (or Alibaba Cloud) especially on:
    • EC2 / ECS/ ECI
    • RDS
    • VPC
    • IAM
    • CloudWatch
    • API Gateway
    • Lambda
    • ECS

LAST UPDATED 29/09/2022