(Corporate Social Responsibility)

Inspired by Benevolence, Driven by Inspiration.

By empowering others, we are able to bring our business to new heights in a sustainable manner.


As an IT consulting firm which strongly believes in benevolence and compassion, FPLE establishes initiatives with the goal to build a better world through CSR programme. As part of our commitment to assist NGOs, educational, environmental protection and charity organisations, we are more than delighted to assist them to establish an online presence to further their charitable cause.

FPLE views its CSR programme as a long term commitment to contribute to the society. In fact, we aspire to provide a better place for our community to reside in.

Contributing our effort and resources for the benefits of all in the long run will always be our highest priority.


Explore Opportunities to Help Others

As much as we prioritise corporate affairs, lending a hand to the needy has always been equally important to us. We actively search and help charitable organisations that need an online presence.

Creating Attractive Online Platforms

While creating a website is essential, FPLE goes beyond the extra mile to create well-designed websites.

A Meaningful Journey

FPLE’s commitment to charitable organisations doesn’t end when the process is completed. Rather, FPLE will continue our long-term support to the website and help raise awareness to the charitable causes.